About Betenbaugh Laboratory

The Betenbaugh Group is a Johns Hopkins University laboratory specializing in research related to cellular, metabolic and biochemical engineering.

The goal of the laboratory is to engineer eukaryotic cell lines to enhance the quantity and quality of recombinant proteins, vaccines, cells, and metabolites.

2020 Open Positions

Send inquires and resumes to beten@jhu.edu or submit your messages below.

  1. Post-doctoral researcher for optimization of AAV transfection and production

  2. Projects skills will include biopolymer synthesis. Skills in molecular biology, mammalian cell culture, analytical characterization of cells and viruses are desirable

  3. Lipid Profiling & Cell Engineering Post-Doctoral Scientist

  4. An opening for a motivated and talented post-doctoral scientist in lipid profiling/ lipidomics and cellular engineering is available in the laboratory of Dr. Betenbaugh. Candidates should have a PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology, bioengineering, chemical engineering, or a related discipline with a strong record of publication and experience. Previous work experience in one or more of the following specialties is highly desirable: identification and quantification of various lipid classes and molecules, cell line engineering, and knowledge of biological pathway modeling. Please send email to Dr. Mike Betenbaugh at beten@jhu.edu describing your background and interest in the project.

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